Surface Piercing

Body Piercing Aftercare (Surface Piercings)

  • T.L.C. stands for tender loving care, and that is exactly what your new piercing is going to need.
  • Slacking off on your aftercare or using harmful products will only prolong your discomfort and the healing process.
  • Please keep your saline solution in an air tight container in the refrigerator at all times. This helps to ensure the solution stays sterile.
  • Step 1. Clean your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
  • Step 2. Dip a cotton ear tip or cotton wool ball into the solution
  • Step 3.Using the saline soaked cotton tip or ball gently clean around the area and remove any “crusties” that may have built up. (“crusties” are a normal part of healing, it is just dried puss. However if the puss is a dark yellow to green colour you have developed an infection so keep an eye on the colour. clear, or off white-yellow are normal)
  • Step 4. Dry area using another (dry and clean) cotton ear tip or cotton ball.
  • Step 5.Dispose of both saline saturated and dry cotton ear tip/ball. Your piercing will take approximately 6-8 weeks to heal depending on your body and the area. If you run out of saline solution during this time make up some more following the recipe below and remember to keep it in the fridge.

Saline solution recipe

  • 1 teaspoon of SEA ROCK SALT
  • 1 cup of cooled down, boiled water. Never use the following to clean your piercing.
  • Peroxide, tea tree oil, dettol, betadine or any sprays such as the ones found in chemists.
  • If you have any questions feel free to contact us